Are you a self-driven developer? Always eager to learn and use new languages, tools and frameworks? Love robotics and enjoy getting your hands dirty creating new tech? Maybe your desire is to deep dive in the virtual world and be part of the creation of AR / VR experiences that improve people’s lives?

Are you an open source advocate, interested in developing for top-class cutting-edge Silicon Valley-type companies? Searching for remote team work possibilities? We would love to hear from you!

Here at Ekumen we value technical talent and creativity more than anything else. Our goal is to stay a focused, world-class development team, tackling interesting technology challenges in partnership with a variety of leading-edge technology-oriented enterprises. We are always looking for people passionate about technology with the desire to learn, confront unusual challenges, and push their skills to the highest level.

Your career at Ekumen

At Ekumen, you will be able to choose your own adventure and build your unique career path. We take into account software development experience, growth potential and cultural match for our candidates. We’re a friendly, fun-loving bunch and we expect the same from you!

You will work jointly with the creators of new and disruptive technologies, doing work that has a direct impact on users all over the world. The work environment is fast-paced, iterative and open, where active participation is encouraged and rewarded. You will be working with the latest generation of technology and immersed in a multicultural team of highly-talented engineers and researchers.

A sneak peek into working at Ekumen

Do you feel comfortable working with Linux? Are you able to tackle mid-sized software development tasks independently and deal with ambiguous task assignments? Can you speak English fluently enough to work comfortably in an English-speaking environment?

Are you an active contributor to open source projects? Are you engaged in competitions, research projects, conferences and groups of interest in related areas?

Well, no matter where you want your tech career to take you, at Ekumen you can make your dreams come true while sharing your journey with a great community! What does it take to be an Ekumember? Tell us what you want to do and we’ll help you find your way!

If you'd like to join Ekumen, send us an email to Tell us a bit about yourself, why you're interested in being part of the team, and don’t forget to include a CV in English!