HR Manager

We're looking for a motivated professional to join our international robotics company as head of HR and help us grow while keeping our innovative, inclusive and people-oriented culture.

In this position you will have the opportunity to shape the inner workings of a company made up of some of the most talented engineers in South America, who are changing the world crafting innovations together with top technology companies around the world.

You will work directly with the company founders and partner with other company leaders to define and execute core company processes.

About us

We're a forward-looking company who has grown from about 15 to almost 50 employees in the last three years. Our company culture places a high value on employee participation, as people are the core essence of Ekumen.

As we grow, the work required to maintain this culture while meeting business needs becomes more complex and demanding. That is why we are looking for an experienced, motivated individual to take a leading role in our organizational growth with a strong human focus.

The candidate should be willing to deal with a wide variety of tasks and organizational work, taking ownership and leading various initiatives in coordination with the existing teams and leveraging available resources.

Key Responsibilities

  • Lead initiatives and processes related with employee growth and well being, including:
    • Performance and professional career management
    • Recruiting and talent acquisition
    • Internal communications
    • Organizational structure and people management
    • Training programs
    • Employee event organization
    • Compensations and Benefits
    • Diversity programs
    • Oversee Payroll process
  • Achieve a high level of employee satisfaction and engagement
  • Assess, transform and maintain company business processes and policies
  • Generate and maintain a positive organizational climate
  • Understand, disseminate and participate in shaping the company culture

About you

We are looking for candidates with the following characteristics:

  • Graduated from university with a degree in human resources or a related field
  • At least five years of experience with comparable responsibilities
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Solid leadership skills
  • Excellent writing skills in both English and Spanish

Since we are a dynamic, growing company, we are especially interested in candidates with an entrepreneurial profile: who have the ability to take decisions under ambiguous requirements, the flexibility to adapt to changing needs and context, the creativity to think outside the box, and a keen desire to grow.

We are also interested to know if you

  • Worked on technology-focused companies
  • Worked on both large multinational companies and small start-ups
  • Have work experience on adjacent areas such as marketing, sales, administration, etc.

What we offer you

  • Competitive compensation and benefits, including:
    • Full-term employment contract
    • Health Insurance (OSDE)
    • Individual performance bonus
    • Scheduled compensation updates based on publicly available price indices
    • Company time off and many other perks
  • A friendly and motivating work environment
  • A high level of flexibility and independence
  • A wide variety of options for growth

If this offer piques your interest and you believe you are qualified, please send us an email to Tell us a bit about yourself, why you're interested in the position, your salary expectations and don’t forget to include a CV in English.

This position is open to working in Ekumen's Buenos Aires office.