Interfacing with Robots, in Concert

Ekumen assisted Yujin Robots in extending the capabilities of the very ambitious Robotics in Concert project with a high-level authoring interface and the ability to access robotics capabilities from the Internet.

On our first engagement, Ekumen used its expertise on large-scale software projects to assist in the initial stages of the development of a social-based authoring interface for ros multimaster systems. An initial state-of-the art Web interface was architected and prototyped using meteor, after which Yujin's team took over the development of the project with the guidance of Ekumen's experts.

Later, Ekumen took the lead to implement a proxy-based mechanism based on rosbridge and robot web tools to allow ROS clients in the Internet to connect to ROS and ROCON systems which are running behind firewalls without the need for port-forwarding. Additional prototyped features included the ability to proxy HTTP video streams, managing connections to multiple concerts and basic security with password-based authentication and role-based authorization.

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