Meet the team

Ekumen team

Patricio Reyna Almandos

Patricio is a partner at Ekumen with more than 15 years in the industry. He has worked in both small and large companies as a successful lead software engineer and people manager.

He loves using, designing and creating software and being involved in projects that could help improve the world we live in, as well as traveling to open his mind. Patricio is passionate about soccer and a supporter of Estudiantes de La Plata.

Last but not the least, he is a really fun person to talk to :)


Guillermo Manzato

Guillermo ( Gui ) is a partner of Ekumen, with extensive experience ( 15+ years ) in different IT projects, development and management.

He is passionate about software development, from 8 bit microcontrollers to web applications, and technology in general.

In his free time, besides programming, he likes playing soccer, hiking and woodworking.


Fabricio Baglivo

Fabricio is an electronic engineer and working towards his PhD from the University of Buenos Aires. He is also a teaching assistant for the microcontroller laboratory at UBA where he teaches 8-bit microcontrollers to electronic and software engineering students.

He has experience with robotics, programming in ASM, C, C++, Python, Matlab, signal processing, and biomedical engineering.

Fabricio is passionate about science and technology and believes they are the keys to the future.


Agustín Alba Chicar

Agustin is an electronic engineer from National Technological University and is a teaching assistant in Theory of Circuits II. He has more than six years of experience working in software from embedded systems to low level communications protocols to web apps.

He views programming as a means to improve things and make an impact. Most recently he has been contributing algorithms and simulation expertise for autonomous vehicles to open source projects.

Besides programming he likes being with his family and friends, running and playing soccer.


Juan Ubeira

Juan is an Electronics Engineer from the Instituto Tecnológico de Buenos Aires. When it comes to software development, he can build code for a wide variety of devices, from low-level hardware drivers for microcontrollers to applications in larger computer systems. He enjoys learning and combining new technologies when working in a project. Juan presented How to Build Android Robots at ROSCon 2017.

He spends most of his free time with his friends. He also likes playing paddle tennis, training at the gym, and watching a good movie.


Pablo Rodriguez Manzi

Pablo is a Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering student from the University of Buenos Aires. He is a teaching assistant in Linear Algebra and Probability and Statistics. He has 3+ years of experience programming in Java and C++. In the past year he's been putting his love of math and algorithms to use in developing augmented reality applications with Android and Project Tango.

Apart from being passionate about software development, Pablo is really interested in calculus, probability theory and physics.

In his free time, he likes playing soccer and reading a good book.


Ernesto Corbellini

Ernesto is completing his Master's Thesis in Electronics Engineering at the University of Buenos Aires. He is also a teaching assistant for "Introduction to Electronics Engineering," where he teaches basic electronics to freshmen.

He believes that engineering is the fusion of science and art. Ernesto's interests range from embedded systems and data communication networks to robotics.

In his free time he enjoys building robots and landscape photography.


Luis Bosch

Luis is an Electrical/Electronic Engineer from the Catholic University of Cordoba (UCC), graduated in 2009. He's always had a knack for computers, which led him to get involved in projects involving technology, both hardware and software, and choose the path that he did.

His latest projects have involved full stack development of web applications for real time data processing.

In his free time, he enjoys practicing and teaching Taekwon-Do and jamming with his metal band.


Michel Hidalgo

Michel is an Electrical Engineering student from the National Technologic University. He is passionate about human knowledge as a whole, specially when it comes to STEM fields, physics and engineering being his first choice.

He's a fast learner: in a couple months, he picked up with ROS, Gazebo, Grunt, AngularJS, Docker and Ansible technologies to name a few, consistently delivering value to customers when simulating, building, interfacing or deploying their robotic solutions.

In his free time, if not spent with his family or friends, he likes to watch a good movie and play his old guitar.


Alexis Pojomovsky

Alexis is an Electrical Engineer from the National University of Asunción (UNA).

While at the university, he was a research assistant at GIEM, a research group in the field of electronics and mechatronics.

Alexis really enjoys learning new skills and tackling hard problems, which has helped him to become proficient in a wide range technologies such as Gazebo Simulator, ROS, Python, Docker, among others.

Although his main interest lies in the technological field, in his spare time he enjoys of taking pictures and playing the guitar.


Julian Mateu

Julian finished his Masters of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering at the University of Buenos Aires. He is also a teaching assistant in a Classical Physics Course.

He enjoys learning and reading about new things every day, and has curiosity and interest in science and technology in general. He applies his knowledge of math and algorithms working with ARCore and developing AR applications, and he is learning along the way.

He also studies musical composition and plays the piano and the guitar. In his free time he loves gathering with friends, playing and listening to music, watching movies and reading books.


Germán Mas

Germán is an Electronic Engineering student from the University of San Juan in his final year. Always eager to learn new things and apply that knowledge, he likes programming, web technologies and computer vision. He has recently been developing web applications using Polymer, Angular and React.

In his free time, he enjoys reading books, watching interesting movies and playing tabletop roleplaying games with friends.


Fabricio Emder

Fabricio has been passionate about robotics from a young age. He loves researching new things and tackling challenging projects in robotics. He enjoys sharing his knowledge and passion for robotics and is a founding member of the Student Robotics Groups at the National University of San Juan. Fabricio is finishing his last year in Electronic Engineering. He also teaches robotics at the University of La Punta and mentors the high school team for RoboCup.

He had been working on projects using ROS and Gazebo simulating real robots with custom sensors.

In his free time he enjoys reading books, cycling, and hiking.


Florencia Grosso

Florencia is completing her M.S. in Electrical Engineering at the University of Buenos Aires. She is a highly motivated quick learner who is eager to develop expertise in Android and robotics in general.

She believes that technology is a powerful tool that can be used to improve everyday life in all corners of the world.

Florencia is passionate about learning new languages as well as meeting new cultures. She loves to spend her free time with family and friends, watching movies or dancing.


Emiliano Javier Borghi Orué

Emiliano is an Electronics Engineer from the National Technological University - Haedo Regional Faculty. He is passionate about robotics, control and artificial intelligence, and applies his free time to projects related to those topics. He enjoys simulation and making homemade robots such as hexapods or ones using differential-drives.

Besides that, he plays goalie on a local soccer team, enjoys learning new languages, and volunteers time to help the children of Barrio Almafuerte in San Justo, Buenos Aires with their homework and playing games.


Diego Diaz Matousek

Diego is a software developer that has been into computers and technology for as long as he remembers. He enjoys developing web applications in Python and Javascript and has also been working with cloud hosted containers with kubernetes.

He is into IOT and hopes someday everything is connected.

In his free time he participates regularly in Game Jam (Gamedev hackathons), cooks, plays the bass, games and runs a tiny 3D printing company.


Diego Maldonado

Diego is finishing his degree in Electronics Engineering at National University of Asunción. Over the years, he has also developed a passion for software development. He loves designing server-side applications, especially in Python.

In his spare time, he enjoys researching topics such as machine learning and speech and image recognition, among others. He also likes playing chess.


Istvan Romhany González

Istvan discovered his interest in coding when he participated in a robotics competition at the University of Missouri, where he earned a bachelor's degree in bioengineering with minors in computational neuroscience and mathematics. Ever since then, programming, automation, and robotics have been his focus along with interests in biology, psychology and economics.

After joining Ekumen, Istvan became a full stack developer for a cloud robotics platform, utilizing technologies such as MeteorJS, ReactJS and MongoDB.

In his free time, Istvan enjoys reading scientific papers on biology and psychology, playing grand-strategy video games, and eating really spicy food!


Tomás Arjovsky

Tomás is a Computer Engineering Student from the University of Buenos Aires. He loves everything visual and graphic, from augmented reality and computer games to simulators, and wouldn’t complain if the world was written in Python. He’s been recently been working with Android sensors, using Java and C++.

He likes to take on new challenges, learn everything about them and get to their core as quickly and precisely as possible. This applies not only to programming, but to music, physics and math.

In his free time, he loves singing, playing ukulele and piano, watching Ghibli movies and playing indie video games with interesting narratives.


Gerardo Puga

Gerardo is an Electronic Engineer with a MSc. on Electronics (University of La Plata) with a specialization on Embedded Systems (University of Buenos Aires). He's been working in academics for about a decade, and is currently Associate Professor at the "Advanced Computer Architectures" and "Introduction to Digital Design" courses for Electronic Engineering and Computer Engineering students. Before joining Ekumen he also spent several years working on Global Positioning System receivers for space applications within a research group at the University of La Plata.

He loves learning new tools and methodologies, and is always looking for the next learning opportunity.

When off the clock he likes to spend time reading, dancing salsa, and watching movies. From time to time he has also been known to show interest for playing the guitar, making friendship bracelets, photography, building balsa model planes and a long etc.


Ivan Paunovic

Ivan Paunovic is an Electronic Engineer from the National Technological University, where he has been TA in Circuit Theory II since 2016. He likes coding in general, from low-level firmware to high-level software and generally uses Python and C++. He has experience in hardware design, low-level firmware, automation and is now collaborating with ROS 2.

In his free time, he enjoys running, spending time with friends, watching basketball or football matches, learning new languages and traveling.


Gonzalo de Pedro

Gonzalo de Pedro is a software developer with experience in different systems and industries. He has worked in the aerospace industry, healthcare and retail. He has experience in web technologies and also in back-end, batch and soft real time systems.

When not working he enjoys riding and repairing bicycles and playing the drums in an uruguayan murga or in a afrobazilerian bloko.


Christian Barceló

Christian Barceló is a developer and a Computer Engineering student at the University of Buenos Aires. He has been developing for 4 years using Java, Javascript, Python, C++. He previously worked in research and development of new technologies for cinema and interactive stands.

He is passionate about learning everything related to technology and is continuously searching for new things to learn and places to put it in practice.

In his spare time, he usually learns new programming languages, watches interesting movies or reads about discoveries in the fields of physics and maths. He also likes turning coffee into code.


Javier Lurgo

Javier Lurgo is a passionate software developer with several years of experience in the field. He wrote firmware for 8-bit microcontrollers, designed and manufactured electronic products. He also worked on full stack development for web applications in C# and then moved to JS technologies. He studied Electronics Engineering at the National University of Technology where he joined the IA and robotics research group.

In his free time he likes to be with his family, read a good book and go sailing.


Fernando Kopelman

Fernando is an Animation Artist and has worked in films, animation and theater in Argentina, Mexico and Israel. He’s a freelance illustrator and theatre student. At the moment he is also applying his multitasking and problem-solving skills as Ekumen’s Office Manager.

He's passionate about learning new things and exploring fields of work where he can find different challenges.

He also loves cooking, swimming and traveling.


Leandro Morales

Leandro studied gastronomy and worked for several years in the field. He is currently studying for a degree in physical education and teaches classes in functional training and artistic gymnastics. At Ekumen he helps keep the office running smoothly.

Leandro is very active and enjoys sports; he practices cheerleading, and also loves tennis, swimming and playing pool.



Julián Cerruti

Julian is the founder and CTO of InOrbit and former founder and CEO of Ekumen. Throughout his 15+ years of experience he has led many challenging, first-of-their-kind software projects to successful completion.

Despite being a successful manager and businessman, Julian's true passion lies is software development and working with technology in general. In his free time, he likes rollerblading, longboarding, biking and working on side projects such as scratch-building R/C airplanes, quadcopters, 3D printers, and HTPCs.